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Sheeteria produces piano arrangement sheet music and tutorial videos of popular songs. By offering high quality arrangements that can be played with simple techniques, Sheeteria aims to help every piano player of any level enjoy playing their favourite songs!

All sheet music are published legally under Musicnote's Signature Artists program.

Please note:

The arranger

Playing the piano since the age of 5, Hitomi Seki was classically trained as a child to obtain perfect pitch, basic music theory knowledge and music notation skills. She didn't go to a music college or pursue a musical career, but has never stopped playing the piano. Since arranging music has always been a natural thing for her to do, she started Sheeteria in March 2021 hoping it would turn into something helpful for others while fulfilling her passion for music.

The arrangements

Intermediate and advanced piano solo

The arrangements that say 'piano solo' are designed for intermediate and advanced players. They may contain multiple voices on one hand or rather tricky rhythms, but they are carefully composed to avoid awkward fingerings, fast repeated notes or chord voicings wider than an octave.

Easy piano solo

Easy piano versions are meant for beginners. The rhythms and chords are simplified enough for beginners without spoiling the good sound. Their tutorial videos have note labels on every note to help those who don't read sheet music. Don't hesitate to play your favourite tune even if you have started playing the piano yesterday, it's fun!

Support Sheeteria

Sheeteria doesn't monetise through YouTube ads. Sheet music sales and kind donations are supporting its operation.

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